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Fabulous Evil Eye Bracelet
This beautiful evil eye bracelet is made with Swarovski crystals. The evil eye "said to ward off bad luck & maladies." One of my most popular couture pieces.

 Jewelry Trends 2018 

Be ready for bigger, better and more glam than ever!  80's inspired pieces to asymmetrical earrings, bold necklaces and beyond. Fall 2018 collections are letting the jewels do all of the talking.   Bold, bold, bold is the word for Fall 2018 with hosting a variety of jewels, rhinestone, silver pins and strap on.  (excerpt: Vogue)   

So get ready to bedazzle yourself, be sophisticated and have fun.

2018 Couture Jewelry Trends and News
Runway Collection..see the forecast.

Unusual, unexpected, always beautiful! Get a grasp on cunning style when you accent your ensemble with a lush cuff or bracelet.

Suzan Sciametta studied at the Fashion Institute of New York with focus on fashion design Read more

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